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Voice Services & Equipment

Together with strong partners, T-Systems provides state-of-the-art telephony.
More and more companies are interested in converting their telecommunications systems to Voice over IP (VoIP). The decisive characteristic of this technology: Voice and data move through a single network. That reduces maintenance costs for telecommunications systems in the company and makes a whole series of attractive new applications possible.
With numerous offers covering the full range of VoIP services, T-Systems makes sure that companies can take full advantage of the new technical possibilities using perfectly tailored solutions. In collaboration with the major VoIP hardware suppliers, we implement a durable, expandable infrastructure – and our experience guarantees a smooth migration from the old technology to the new, with a hybrid solution if necessary.

Easy integration of attractive applications

Join the others who are using the endless possibilities of Voice over IP: Integrate e-mail, fax, web interactions and many other applications into your VoIP system without media inconsistencies.
T-Systems also makes sure you have all the right hardware you need for your new telephony solutions – from the ideal IP telephone and conference station right through to the video terminal.
To learn more about our multi-faceted solutions covering the full range of Voice Service & Equipment, just click on the links and downloads to the right.

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