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Managed Workplace Services

Setting standards in desktop environments

Today’s corporations have to manage a sea of PCs and laptops with varying configurations – a complex and expensive task. But now there is a simpler, more cost-effective alternative: three standardized service packages from T-Systems that cater for typical user requirements.
While PCs and laptops are becoming more and more affordable for consumers, they remain one of the biggest drains on budgets for enterprises. That’s because of high costs for service, technical support, maintenance and updates, which adds up to over two-thirds of the TCO. T-Systems aims to change that – with its role-based Managed Workplace Services (MWS) based on Microsoft technology. They cover about 80 percent of a company's standard workstations. For a monthly flat fee per end-user workplace, customers benefit from an end-to-end delivery chain comprising all the services needed to run the systems. Customers can choose whether they want to use their own hardware or the latest hardware from T-Systems. And MWS is Windows 7 ready. The system is automatically updated at regular intervals.
Automation and standardization really pay off: IDC analysts have estimated that the automated roll-out of a new operating system can reduce per-user costs by almost 90 percent compared with manual distribution, and by some 70 percent compared with centralized IT with no automation.

Three off-the-peg solutions

Managed Workplace Services are available in three versions – Service, Office and Traveler – for three typical user scenarios. All are based on the latest technology standards. The basic versions are already oriented toward the requirements of corporate customers and include special services such as an international help desk, data storage and e-mail, depending on user requirements. New software and updates are installed automatically via the network. These solutions enable customers to consolidate, standardize and virtualize their user environments in one fell swoop. Moreover, functionality can be added and removed as and when required. All services are delivered by an expert: T-Systems. The ICT provider already manages well over a million IT desktops worldwide. A service desk gives users a single point of contact to answer their queries and troubleshoot any problems swiftly.
All three MWS versions can be extended to cater for more complex tasks and customer-specific requirements. Home offices and desktops in other companies can very simply be integrated securely, for example with the Service Workplace from the T-Systems Cloud. Alongside the basic package, users can access additional resources, such as specialty applications for CPU-intensive tasks. The Office Workplace gives users the freedom to perform highly complex computing tasks with specialist software, such as technical drawing, or using real-time applications to edit and run videos and images. Each workplace scenario also includes a central data archive and an e-mail inbox. Whatever the scenario, despite all the necessary additions, Uniform Services lead to fewer standardized types of workplace and therefore to lower costs and faster service provision. This lets the in-house IT department concentrate on strategic issues while everything else runs smoothly.
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