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Dynamic Services – Made-to-measure ICT solutions

Dynamic Services from T-Systems scale up and down in line with the changing needs of your business – giving you on-demand ICT resources.
Today: thirty orders. Tomorrow: three hundred? Many businesses experience sharp fluctuations in volume, with corresponding ups and down in terms of IT requirements – be it for SAP, Lotus Notes/Domino, Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® Navision, Web apps, or mainframe capacity. At most enterprises, peak IT load is a rare event. Some eighty percent of resources are only used on a few days each year: for month-end closing, or for seasonal demand, for example at Christmas. As a result, a large amount of capacity lies idle for most of the time, tying up valuable capital that could be invested in the core business.
Dynamic Services from T-Systems offers a far simpler, and more cost-effective alternative: We provide IT on tap – just like water or electricity. T-Systems gives you resources on demand. You no longer have to invest in infrastructure and applications. And you only pay for what you actually use. What’s more, T-Systems integrates your existing systems, and manages and maintains your IT resources on your behalf.

Higher quality – lower costs

T-Systems is already the leading provider of Dynamic Services. Take advantage of our comprehensive offering – and experience higher service quality, and lower costs.
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