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Current Analysis: Bringing On-demand Utility Computing to Europe (10/2006)
T-Systems is one of Europe’s first network-based carriers to offer utility computing as a fully standardised product. …. While many competitors across Europe are increasing their capabilities in offering on-demand solutions, T-Systems can already draw on its internal resources as a leading telecom operator on the one hand and large system integrator on the other."

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Dynamic Services for SAP® Applications

Dynamic Services for SAP® Applications

Quick and easy access to SAP resources in line with your changing business needs.
The SAP solution portfolio lays firm foundations for collaboration between your customers, partners, and employees. Each new generation of SAP® software delivers richer functionality and tighter integration. But these come at a price: You need skilled staff to integrate, operate, and manage your SAP® software – plus an infrastructure capable of handling peak loads.
Standard Application Operations
Dynamic Services for SAP® Applications enable you to master the complexity of SAP® software, deploy applications more efficiently, reliably, and securely – and tailor them to your real-world requirements.
T-Systems offers demand-driven delivery of the three elements necessary for success with SAP:
Within the scope of Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions, we provide and run your IT and telecommunications infrastructure, operating systems, and databases – and host your SAP® systems. Via our Application Management Services, we manage and maintain your apps across the entire life cycle. And our dedicated SAP® Integration & Consolidation experts ensure your SAP landscape is harmonized.

Your one-stop solution provider: T-Systems

And now T-Systems is taking this approach a step further – by shifting the focus to the processes supported by your SAP software. These are based on a wide variety of ICT services and a complex ICT landscape. By means of end-to-end real-time monitoring, we keep tabs on all relevant components. So in the future, you’ll only need one service level agreement, based on your business process.

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