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Strong in implementation and hosting

July 05, 2011

In April 2011, Forrester Research, Inc. closely examined the market for SAP service providers on the basis of 65 criteria. T-Systems placed as a leader.
The SAP service market is in flux. It's not just that acquisition and consolidation have run rampant, but new delivery models have also changed the range of services available for both suppliers and customers. Three developments have been shaping the market for SAP services: cloud computing, performance-based pay and non-linear service models. T-Systems was not only able to maintain its position, but was even a driving force, for example with its "Dynamic Services for SAP," making it only logical that you can find the company in a leader position in the latest Forrester Research, Inc. report on "SAP Services Providers".

Global hosting provider

Forrester reaches the conclusion that T-Systems is a strong alternative for European companies, particularly if they are looking for a provider that brings both implementation and operational expertise to the table. T-Systems is among the few companies with strengths in implementation that also have the SAP certificate as a global hosting provider.

High marks for strategy

In its report, Forrester analyzed each service provider on the basis of 65 criteria in three segments. In the category of "Current Offerings," a key evaluation point was the end-to-end delivery capability from consulting to hosting, among other things. High marks in the category of "Strategy" were given to providers who offer innovative pricing models or work in close partnership with SAP, including joint development. Finally, regional market presence and growth with SAP services were a factor.     
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